8A Two-tone Colored Hair Bleach Blonde Tape In Remy Human Hair Extensions (20 pcs #P12/613)

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Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extension is now a popular way for hair length and volume adding. We are working on improving the quality of hair and tape. We choose the best hair and are changing the tape to find the best tape for our product. Tape hair is easy to apply, it is simple, completely invisible, and giving an all-natural appearance.

Why choose Lashup hair

  • Remy hair is gathered from the head of donors in such a way as to keep the hair’s cuticles properly aligned in relation to its neighboring hairs. This means the hair remains softer, silkier, and healthier appearance than a regular human hair. When washed, it will not mat and tangle.
  • Our Hair Extensions naturally blend with your own hair and can be washed, blow-dried, flat ironed, and/or curled using hot tools, just like your own hair, No Shedding, No Tangles, No Smell, Silky Soft.

How to use Tape in hair extensions

  1. Hair extensions must be applied to the washed clean hair. Part your hair in the desired area where extension needs to be applied.
  2. Remove the cover on the tape extension to expose the super tape. Line up the extension directly and attach by pressing to piece of desired hair.
  3. Double the thickness by adding another layer to the underneath of the piece.
  4. Two sticky sides face each other and the section of hair will be in the middle.
  5. Press it in place with your fingertips to secure. Apply pressure with fingers for 5~10s to secure hold.

Care Your Hair

  • Please detangle your hair from the ends to the roots before shampooing. Shampoo and conditioners shouldn’t contain oils or fruit acids. Wash the hair gently in a downward motion.
  • Dry the hair with a hairdryer. Don’t blow this connected place too long.
  • Always comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to avoid knotting.
  • When combing, pay attention to the connected part.
  • After washing your hair, you can use the essential oil you like to care for the hair.

How to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions?

  1. You can use a professional glue remover to remove your tape from the tape section.
  2. Wait 1-2 hours, the tape dissolves, which allows you to gently remove your hair extensions as easily as you were able to put them in.
  3. Next, you remove any tape residue.
  4. Then you can reuse the hair by applying new tape refills to the previously used bondings and attach the hair again in the same way.

FAQ about Hair Extensions

  • Q: How to Tell 100% Human Hair From Synthetic One?
  • A: Human hair consists of natural protein and when it’s burning, you will see some white smoke, and then it turns into ashes.While synthetic hair will be a sticky ball after burning and will release black smoke.
  • Q: Why the hair extensions getting tangled?
  • A: The hair tangle because of dryness, oil, dirt build-up, saltwater, chlorine, or wrong combing method, high-temperature iron on the hair also easy cause the hair tangle. Suggest wash your hair 1 – 2 times per week, Use a wide-tooth comb on the hair too, Or consult your stylist for more help you can.
  • Q: Can I dye or bleach the hair?
  • A: yes. The hair can be colored. As a general rule, it is easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions, coloring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you can not get to a salon, use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first, please.

Tips: Human hair is tender by nature. The lifespan largely depends on how they were worn and taken care of. Improper shampoos/conditioners, frequently using heating tools, dyeing, heavily styling may shorten lifespan.

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31 reviews for 8A Two-tone Colored Hair Bleach Blonde Tape In Remy Human Hair Extensions (20 pcs #P12/613)

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  1. I love this hair! I ordered the tape in extensions and they are perfect and with a great price! I will definitely be ordering all my new extensions from vario hair in the future! I highly recommend!

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  2. I have never put in hair extensions before but watched a lot of videos on how too. I did not find the hair to be thin and straggly on the ends at all. I bought only one package of the 16″ in golden brown & bleach blonde #12-613 it matched my hair perfectly! I wish now I had bought 2 packs. I have owned a 100% human remy hair halo’s and I can tell you they do not curl well but this hair really curls quickly with the heat gun and stays!I love this hair it is shiny like natural hair and soft. I find the tape sticks very well no problems so far. The only think I found I never seen mentioned in reviews is they are a little uncomfortable to sleep on. I could feel them on the sides of my head against my pillow. But over all I am loving my longer fuller big curl hair and so does my husband! I am over 60 yrs old and my natural hair has become very thin so this was one more way to try and fix that problem. The hair came pin straight I curled it as you can see in the photo.

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  3. Loved this product. Made a big difference in my hair style.

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  4. ?Ugeat human hair extensions are life changing! I have very thin hair that¡¯s been damaged over the years. It breaks and won¡¯t grow past my shoulders. I still get highlights on a regular basis but I also get tape in hair extensions by Ugeat. They not only give me that much wanted and needed thick hair but incredible length too! (I get blonde highlights 22¡±). The best part is it has helped make my real hair healthy again. Less harmful products and and no damaging styling tools!

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  5. Beautiful hair, match my color perfectly.

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  6. Amazing staff and the hair holds up super well, love it!

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  7. I’m giving these 4 stars due to one problem. The tape that comes with these aren’t great. However, I purchased tape and it held up a lot better. These almost matched my hair perfectly, I just needed to tone my natural hair. I have had these in for a month now, and they’re still going strong. I do suggest getting a hair extension brush (mine came from Sally’s) and conditioning the ends and maybe doing a deep conditioner weekly. Do not get conditioner on the tape until at least 2 weeks so they bond correctly. I have naturally curly hair so I had to eventually put conditioner on my tapes. I wish this company sold Halo extensions because clip ins are so heavy, and the maintenance to these are very time consuming. I feel like if I had straight hair, these would work perfectly. I ordered 2 packs and it was the perfect amount for my thick hair. I recommend this product if you’re looking for some awesome tape ins!

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  8. very good quality and perfect length!

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  9. I only gave this 5 stars so this can be seen!!!!Where to begin…. I purchased four sets of hair. After reading reviews, I saw 3-4 bundles was best for a full head, it wasn¡¯t!I went to have a professional install my hair. She told me I needed at least another bundle to cover the rest of my hair. I have thin shoulder length hair.After she installed we decided to curl it to blend my natural hair being I didn¡¯t have enough. She used the lowest heat setting on her wand. The hair literally melted like plastic. After thoroughly checking the hair, she said the hair most definitely not 100% Remy hair like advertised. We also found a bunch of purple strings in my hair. It seems like purple thread. It was all through out the hair. It was attached to the glue blended in the extensions. I purchased two separate colors and both had the purple threads. Now I have burnt/melted plastic with purple threads stuck in my head and I have to pay more money to get this plastic crap out of my hair.Save yourself and don¡¯t buy this. The saying you get what you pay for stands true for these extensions. I spent over $100 on this hair, $100 to have it installed and god knows how much to get it removed and treated after having burnt and melted plastic matted into my hair!!!!

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  10. My wife has ordered these several times and she said she loves them!

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